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Wednesday 29 September 2010

Wallpaper Wednesday: Anthropologie Paperback Paper

Books an interiors go together so happily. There's nothing that I like more than curling up with a decent book for an hour (even if now that's more of a snatched ten minutes on the bus). Books make us feel happy and at home. And the Domestic Sluts have an awful lot of them. I'm reading Tender is the Night at the moment. Glamour and craziness combined. It's excellent.

This paperback-inspired wallpaper is from Anthropologie. Of course, that means that it's on the VERY side of expensive at £128, but it's pretty isn't it? I'm inspired to take vintage looking photos of my oldest books and frame the prints. They'll even be personal to me which makes it even more special.


  1. Lovely. They've had this on the loo doors of a pub in Marylebone for a good few years and I've always wondered where they got it from.

  2. Reminds me of the Atelier Abigail Ahern stuff but in color! (Here's the link to Ahern's stuff - I bet that's where the pub loo wallpaper came from.

    Way too expensive for me (for now) unless using it to paper a nook or something.

  3. I do love that you've written (for now) in brackets. I have visions of you planning and scheming to be wonderfully rich and powerful. I thoroughly approve.

  4. Nice but Deb Bowness' book wallpaper is much nicer... ;)


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