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Tuesday 7 September 2010

Tea Towel Tuesday: Moka Express at Bouf

I like the irony that comes with these tea towels. Tea towels with coffee pots on! Brilliant! They're really lovely actually. I like tea towels with eye-catching designs and if you had dark worktops they'd look fab. The set is £17.95, but you can buy either colour separately for £9.95 from the always wonderful Bouf (I pronounce it Buurf, is that right?). These are perfect for those of you who have tea and coffee drinkers in your house.


  1. I love them! Almost as much as I love my Moka Express (but not as much, because tea towels won't make me coffee.) 'Buurf' would be boeuf (beef). I think Bouf is pronounced 'boof'!

    I'd like to know how to pronounce Reiss. 'Reece?' 'Rice?'

  2. I'd say Reece.

    But then I probably do pronounce it boeuf as well.


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