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Thursday 30 September 2010

Sluttishly Snug: Cardigan Cuteness

At this time of year, as we start to say hello to those cooler autumnal temperatures, I often find my mind starts to turn to cardigans. I am not ashamed to say I love a good cardigan. Not only do they keep me nice and warm but they are also an incredibly useful garment to extend the life of my favourite summer dresses!

Now as many people who know me would attest, I have a rather eclectic array of style icons who I turn to for inspiration. I will even admit that a substantial amount of them are not real people, indeed, many of them are fictional characters. And not just film characters, oh no, some of them are even from the telly. You may scoff but I am not ashamed, and recently I have even been feeling vindicated with so many people crushing on characters like Joan from Mad Men!

Anyway, when it comes to knitwear my very favourite style icon is the queen of the cardigan herself, Rose from Two and a Half Men. Her penchant for wonderful woolies is a constant source of wonderment in my life! If you have ever caught the show you will know exactly what I mean - boy can that girl rock a cardie!

Here are a few of my current favourite cardigans, I'm pretty sure Rose would approve!

Bring a touch of 1940's glamour into your life with the Miss Lemon Cardigan from Flossy and Dossy, available from their Folksy shop, comes in UK sizes 8 to 16. Each cardigan is hand-knitted to order and cost just £45.

I love all the detailing on this cardigan, from gingham bows to crotched strawberries, this one is going to keep you feeling snug and looking cute! The JoJo & Mac Alice Cardigan is available from Dollydagger and costs £55. The cardigan is one size, fitting UK size 8 to 16.
Last up is the Darling Sasha Cardigan with its rather fab pearl and bow trim. It costs £45 and is available from Aspire Style in sizes 8 to 14.

So will you be chanelling your inner Rose this autumn? I shall look forward to hearing which cardies you'll all be rocking!


  1. LOVE the first one.

    My main problem with cardis is the sleeves. Long sleeves make me wrists look stupid skinny. All of my sweaters have bracelet or short sleeves which is very unpractical in cold weather...

  2. Big or small? If big, could you not go for v-neck cardis? Or round-neck ones with a few buttons undone, like in the picture at the top?

    At the moment, I'm totally coveting one from the Monsoon Fusion range, short sleeve, with beaded finches on it, but I might try and embellish one from my own collection to try and save some pennies.

  3. Two and a Half Men is my guilty TV pleasure! I love Rose and her cardies.

  4. Anonymous, if it is do to big size then I completely understand as I have extremely generous boobage! But I still love to wear cardigans - I tend to wear them fitted rather than loose, nipped in at the waist with an a-line or full skirt or over dresses. I would not look at all good in a baggy or long cardie I must say!

    ps. Nice to meet a fellow Two and a Half Men fans Allie!

  5. My main problem with cardigans and ahem... largish breasts is that the buttons at the top don't fasten properly so I have to have them unbuttoned pretty much until they are under my bust which isn't a good look for me. I do love cardigans though.

  6. Going to order the first when I get paid - nothing makes a pencil skirt or skinny jeans look cooler than a tight short sleeve cardie. Nice post Michelle x


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