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Tuesday 28 September 2010

Tea Towel Tuesday: H&M Home Bargains

Despite the initial excitement, I haven't been that blown away by H&M home. I like some of the items, but the range isn't huge. And I feel a bit cheated that they're only doing textiles. But, as always, despite my misgivings I've found something that I really like.

The tea towels in the range are lovely. This one is most definitely my favourite.

I like the traditional print on this one. It's on lots of their homestuffs.

The best thing? Each tea towel is just £2.99 which makes these the cheapest tea towels I've featured. That's the thing about H&M. You might not like everything they have, but when you do find something, it'll be a bargain.


  1. Grumble... friggin' home goods aren't in US (where I am right now) H&Ms, at least not in the flat-a** Midwest. Sigh... will have to pick up a few of these when I'm back in Blighty next month. Gorgeous.

  2. Is H&M online in the US yet? You'll have to stock up on prettiness when you're next on this side of pond.


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