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Wednesday 8 September 2010

Etsy pick: Just Noey's alphabet plates

You only have to look at a few of my posts to realise I have a borderline obsession with sailors and nautically inspired goods. It's true, I really do like to be beside the seaside. You can imagine my excitement when I discovered Just Noey's Etsy store and his alphabet plates and to find out that my initial, F, stands for Fish and Chips. It's like they read my greedy little mind.

Perfect as gifts, these plates are the work of London based Parul who reproduces intricate illustrations on ceramics. In this case a plate is decorated by a letter of the alphabet, with the letter being composed of suitably named foodstuff. Look closely at the letter F and you'll see it's not only made up of fish and chips but the associate paraphernalia of mushy peas, newspaper cones and little wooden forks too. Each plate costs $33.50 which works out at £22.31.

S is, of course, for Sluttery. It also happens to be the initial of three of the Sluts. Here, apparently, S is for sushi. I can't help thinking they may have preferred sweets.

Though the illustrations on all the plates are great, there's no denying that some of the subject matter is more mouthwatering than others so - if buying for a gift - pick your initial carefully. For example, Abi, Alex E and Alex S would all be faced with a plate of asparagus (sorry girls).

In cases like that, I recommend a swift name change and/or something like the below:

T is for tea party: complete with cake stands, bunting and pots of brew. That's definitely the kind of alphabet that suits me to a ... well ... a T.

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