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Friday 17 September 2010

Cool Coats: Miss Selfridge's Nude Windsor Jacket

As the weather treads that fine line between taunting us with the remnants of summer and scaring us with what's to come, I thought I'd cheat and add in a Cool Coat I love that's not really a coat. I mean, it sort of is. Miss Selfridge have this rather lovely item listed under 'Coats and Jackets', for example. But I'd argue anything as wafty and pretty as this is more of a silky jacket. But a silky jacket with plenty of wear in it.

You know every time you go to a wedding, and agonise over whether to wear a coat or pop or a shawl over your outfit so you don't freeze? This would work.

You know when you can't be bothered in the morning so you wear a band tee and jeans to work, but then want to pretty it up quickly? This would work.

You know when you're daydreaming about nicer times when you could sport a teadress every day, and, because it's daydream you, you'd never, ever spill builder's tea down your cream crepe de chine jacket? This would SO work. Until I spill the tea down it.

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