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Tuesday 28 September 2010

Dream Dress: New Look Crochet Dress

Oh, Autumn. You've ruined my wardrobe plans. I have no idea what to wear in September. If I go out in a little blazer, it's freezing. If I go out in a scarf and a hat I'm sweltering in minutes. I don't understand. But this pretty crochet trim dress might just solve all of my problems. It's from New Look, and it's certainly one of the most casual dresses we've featured. One of the cheapest too, it's only £26.

I like the crochet trims, and the dark grey is a perfect Autumn-y colour. But best of all, when it gets all toasty in your coat, you can wear this in the sunshine and still feel warm. It won't look like you've just thrown a winter coat over your summer dress. No matter how hard I try, that little trick just doesn't work as well as it should.

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