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Thursday 9 September 2010

Music to my ears: Spitfire headphones from Lazy Oaf

Dresses, boys, flowers, cakes: all things likely to make me clap my hands with glee.
Things related to technology: er, you've lost me, sorry...

However, maybe a shift is in the air. That usb typewriter blew my tiny mind then, to my surprise, I found myself for a second time this week swooning over something vaguely technological - these spitfire headphones.

I may not know anything about hertz but the retro look of these headphones definitely warms my heart. Their pastel colours are as sweet as the indie pop I plan on playing through them - they come in a white or a pink colour as well as the powder blue pictured. And the best thing about chunky headphones? Come winter, they double up as a pair of eye muffs and keep your little lug holes toasty. Available for £25 from Lazy Oaf, the job is a good one.

Oh, so you want the tech spec as well? Here you go: 40mm trumpet diameter, frequency response is 20 - 20,000hz, max power 20mw and they'll plug into a 3.5mm stereo which apparently includes an i-pod.

And please feel free to use the comments to explain to me what that all means...

1 comment:

  1. LOVE them. But my goodness I look like an idiot in anything vaguely resembling earmuffs.


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