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Thursday 9 September 2010

Chemistry Experiment Or Wine Decanter?

Us Sluts love a bit of science every now and then. And it is safe to say that we love wine too. So when we decide to open that second bottle in the name of scientific research, what better way to serve it than in this decanter that looks like it's come straight from a lab?

Now I'll admit, I'm not exactly sure what the point of decanters are other than to look pretty and disguise the fact you bought cheap wine but I love the look of this one by Legnoart. It's elegant but kind of geeky at the same time which is a randomly lovely combination. And there's nothing to stop you using it for other drink based experiments like a cocktail or just plain old H2O.

If you want to conduct your own wine based experiments, it costs £44.99 from Stylish Life


  1. I think if you decant it, it breathes properly or something. Don't think you use them for white wine...

  2. Decanters are most useful for port, because then you don't get bits of sediment in your glass - you can leave that in the bottle.

    Decanters are less useful as impromptu candlestick though, obviously.


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