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Monday 13 September 2010

Cool Coats: Zara Mustard Blazer

It's not quite nippy enough for a proper coat yet, but I'm a wuss so I keep going out in one and melting before I've got into town. But it's getting more shivery outside (apparently, I'm tucked up under a duvet writing this in Sluttery HQ) so you lovely ladies are going to need cosy coats and jackets to keep you warm. You might also need to save a few pennies to buy one as well. So, I thought we'd kick off a new series today so we can show you our favourites before it gets really cold.

This mustard blazer is from Zara (only £49.99 from their new online shop, woohoo!) and it's perfect for Autumn. It's a warm enough colour to look cool while it's sunny and you won't freeze to death when the weather decides to turn within seconds for no apparent reason. September is fun, isn't it?

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