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Friday 24 September 2010

Lace and Pearls

There isn't a more classic combination than lace and pearls. But this beaded bib necklace from Miss Selfridge is a little more unusual than most. I love that it looks delicate, but I bet when you're wearing it it packs a punch. It's romantic, it's floaty, it's elegant. And blimey, because it's in the sale, it's only £5 reduced from £18. There's a black and white version as well, but I think this one is much prettier. Buy one now, before it's gone forever.


  1. But the postage is £4... :-( Get me to a Miss Selfridge branch!

  2. Which is why I bought two - one of each colour. And then put my NUS card number in for scrumptious discount! 2 necklaces + posting = £12! Marvelous!


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