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Thursday 23 September 2010

Piss off, I'm busy

Well, this 'Piss off, I'm busy' sign just about says it all, doesn't it? By busy, I obviously mean drinking tea, dancing about my room and reading magazines instead of tidying up or doing Important Things. All of those are me being busy and you can't argue with me! Especially not if the door is shut and I won't let you in. This little sign is £7.95 from Hunkerdown.


  1. haha - I wish they made an office desk version! x

  2. "By busy, I obviously mean drinking tea, dancing about my room and reading magazines instead of tidying up or doing Important Things"

    I must ask. Are you women *really* this vapid, or do you just think pretending to be a bimbo is a cool thing to do?

    Is thick the new black?

  3. Around the time of writing, I had indeed been dancing about and drinking tea, when what I probably should have been working.

    Nothing bimbo-ish about that, Anon. Or vapid.

  4. *rolls eyes at Anon* seriously, I wish I could dance round my room and drink tea constantly. And I'm far from vapid :)

  5. You're setting us back decades with cr*p like this!

    It really is NOT OK to act like this. Worse, to pretend that you do when actually you're bright and, I'm presuming here, capable of writing about things far more interesting and thought-provoking than over-priced house clutter, ugly shoes, and baked goods.

    Sorry to be such a bitch about this, but I strongly feel that there's something very sinister about this blog.

  6. Or, perhaps it's just about HAVING FUN. Not taking life too seriously. You're not sorry to be a bitch at all. I think you're enjoying it.

    The site is run by intelligent women who realise that it's OK to enjoy life, despite the fact that they're busy. If you don't like it, don't read it. You can leave and go and be a bitch elsewhere.

  7. indeed, how dare we have a career, a brain, AND a personality.

    shocking stuff ladies. pretty things are NOT for serious intellectuals, understand??

  8. Men can write blogs about supposedly male-interest topics like cars, tech and even porn without being dubbed chauvinists, so long as it's done with intelligence, wit and style.

    Women apparently can't write (with humour and verve) about their interests, specifically the more feminine ones, without being called 'vapid'?

    That seems like an incredibly odd standpoint, Anonymous.

  9. Anon, if Domestic Sluttery is not for you, you know where the big red 'x' is.

    No site is going to appeal to everyone and for every woman who doesn't understand the need for some frivolous fun every now and then, there are plenty who do.

    Surely you are capable of 'more interesting and though-provoking things' than insulting and belittling other women who have opinions and interests that differ from yours?

  10. that would be have been much better if I hadn't spelled 'thought' wrong.

  11. My only problem with this is the kerning on "BUSY". Look at the letter spacing around the "U".



  12. Wait, feminism means I can't do whatever I like and define femininity however I like? Damn.

    Oh, wait...

    Anonymous: go complain about something important. Women can like baking AND independence, y'know.

  13. My sentiments exactly, Swineshead.

    I hate idea that if you write about or enjoy some frivolous things you *are* frivolous, or that you're conveying everyone with the same chromosonal type as you is also frivolous.

    It's nonsense.

    And DS as *sinister*? Seriously? Blimey, should I be preparing for the Tea Towel Inspectorate to drop by or something?

  14. Having met Siany, I very rapidly realised that she was in fact a secret agent working for the exclusively male conspiracy of mysognystic demagogues that formed to combat the increasingly successful encroachment of women into the important parts of life. She is working to quite a clear agenda, ignoring the important things in the daily grind that is life and focussing on trivial things like having fun which have no place in any self respecting person's routine. I was absolutely chilled to realise this sinister agenda and have made a point since to distance myself as much as possible from it - I now only drink tepid tea in a rigidly upright seated position, for example. Early Puritans offer some excellent tips for living a fun free life, if you are interested in reading further.

  15. I can't believe someone has FOUND OUT MY PLANS!

  16. Hey Anon - must be a bit draining doing Important Things in your every waking moment. That's probably why you're so uptight that you consider a blog about shoes and cakes to be part of some sinister plot.

  17. I like good literature, AND I like baking cakes for my boyfriend. Last night I performed the fresh prince of bel air in the kitchen to my boyfriend, then had a heated discussion about the morality of The Reader (film not book), and the challenge of the contrast of Hanna's very sad life and the Jewish survivor living in luxury. Later I sat on his lap and told him bad jokes.
    I must disgust you.
    For me feminism is about being able to decide who you are and what you want to do. Saying we must behave in a very feminist way is just the same as not having the vote or the freedom to go out and work. Both are about us being dictated to.

  18. Didn't you know? We're secretly planning to overthrow the internets. We're the Stepford Wives of Twitter.

  19. I really don't understand why Anon is so pissed off about this site. I read all those posts with pleasure even if I am not buying 99% things which have been found by these amazing ladies (and not only because I'm constantly broke).
    Sometimes I just need pictures of delicious food, pretty dresses or shoes (!) in my life and I don't think that's vapid. Just like I need pictures of fabulous cars in my life which I find in TopGear website. The ladies themselves said: "You know where the big red 'x' is" - if you hate it so much, don't go here at all then in the first place. It'll save you a lot of nerve cells - they don't regenerate, you know.

    Ladies, thank you for bringing IronFist shoes in my life by the way :)

  20. Anon - (if that IS your real name) - fair enough if you find this offensive, but it's certainly harmless enough that you could just, I don't know, not read this blog? It's not like they're showing pictures of flayed kittens or burning villages. We're talking about homeware and recipes.

    Enough of us enjoy the light-hearted fun and beautiful things (um, that's the point, right?) for this blog to have a justifiable place. And hey, I'm not here for political debate, I want a freakin' cocktail recipe or a chance to take some time out from my HIGHLY intellectual life to look at shiny things. It doesn't mean I've stopped being a genius feminist academic. OBV.

    By the way, if you feel so strongly about this, why not post under your actual name? It's all very well to have strong opinions, but hiding behind "Anon" is hardly intelligent, nor very feminist of you.

    Now. Back to the shiny things....

  21. Chill the f*** out, Anonymous. Domestic Sluttery isn't setting anyone back decades. It's supposed to be fun. There is definitely room in your life to be a serious, forward-thinking, intelligent, independent woman and still have fun. Try it.

    And if you're after posts about things that are "far more interesting and thought-provoking" than interior design and baked goods, why oh why are you even looking at a blog that is quite openly and frankly dedicated to those things?

    You've made the rookie mistake of taking something said in fun and presuming it's some kind of all-encompassing manifesto that Domestic Sluttery is pushing onto unsuspecting punters. Ease up, turbo. Put the kettle on and calm down.

  22. Hurray, some lively conversation on the blog that doesn't revolve around whether or not the colour teal makes you look fat! This is progress.

    Thanks ladies and gent for your responses. Can't say I'm ever going to agree that *affected* excitement over cakes and shoes is actually a very clever post-feminist statement. It's not. It's regressive and, to me, sinister.

    I like cakes. I like shoes. I like frivolous sparkling things in my house, and pretty clothes on my back. That is why I follow this blog - you find nice things I might like to buy and you tell me about them. I just wish you didn't do it in a way that suggests that enjoyment of these things is all that your readers are capable of thinking about. You're not living up to your site motto up there. And the 'if you don't like it, don't read it' argument really isn't helpful. I'm making a valid comment here. But perhaps you'd take me more seriously if I told you I was currently skipping round my office drinking apple martinis and gorging myself on chocolate muffins?

  23. Anon, I would have taken you more seriously if you'd argued your point with a little bit of grace and intelligence instead of attacking us. Anonymously.

    You seem to think that *we* do nothing else but eat cake, and that *we* don't write about anything else. And that offends me. This blog was set up because women like the ones who write this site can be both clever and like cool things. But here, we focus on the cool things and having fun. If you want a political discussion, you probably won't find it here. I'm not going to have apologise for that.

    I have a huge amount of respect for our readers, especially the ones who are engaged enough to comment. I like it when they give me and my team that same respect back. To me, feminism is about living your life how you want to and by your choices. Not telling other women they're being regressive. That doesn't help anyone.

  24. "But perhaps you'd take me more seriously if I told you I was currently skipping round my office drinking apple martinis and gorging myself on chocolate muffins?"

    No Anonymous. I for one would take you seriously if you actually stopped being hiding behind the internet and came out to talk to us about this properly.

  25. This blog post just about sums up my thoughts on this topic, on a platform where it's relevant:

  26. Where's this conversation about teal making people look fat? I really should weigh in on that. Pun intended.

  27. "Hurray, some lively conversation on the blog that doesn't revolve around whether or not the colour teal makes you look fat! This is progress."

    I'd like to be diplomatic here, but that's an idiotic comment. For one thing, this blog isn't about having what you define as "lively conversation". It's about finding great products, recipes and shops that readers will love, and telling them about those products, recipes and shops. Secondly, your outdated joke (does it count as a joke if it's not funny or clever? Will your next gag be about somebody overreacting to a broken fingernail?) about DS writers discussing "whether or not the colour teal makes you look fat" bears no resemblance whatsoever to anything I'VE ever read or written on this site. Perhaps you're thinking of a different blog and this has all been some silly case of mistaken identity that we'll laugh about over apple martinis and chocolate muffins come the weekend.

    "I just wish you didn't do it in a way that suggests that enjoyment of these things is all that your readers are capable of thinking about."

    If every pretty wallpaper post or cocktail recipe on this website had to have some kind of deconstruction or discussion or disclaimer attached to it just in case the readers thought they weren't being given enough credit as intelligent women and thoughtful consumers, there would be no readers. It would be dull. Use your noggin, love.

  28. I am puzzled. I write about Techy Things for work.

    Do people reading it assume that I am, indeed, that everyone else at my company, is only interested in those particular Techy Things? I'd imagine not, since most people have more than one interest, more than one *type* of interest, even, and most people know that a business is only ever going to reflect a certain proportion of the interests of its staff.

    If I wrote *there* about everything that interested me, it'd be a damned unfocused blog! Folk visit different websites for different things for a reason.

    *skips off to kitchen to see if she has the ingredients for Whoopie Pies*

  29. Haha! I've just read this thread!!! What????
    Dear Anonymous, get a sense of humour!!!
    ...Anyway, i only went to comment on here as i think this sign is fab! I work from home so this is perfect for me to stop constant interruptions :o) My husband just bought it for me! x

  30. O my goodness! I love what Tom said! ha ha
    Really wonder who this Anon is - ever so curious, its making me think such evil stereotypes of her/ him/ it. Probably the same bitchy one leaving nasty comments on my blog and others.

    I love that sign by the way -
    Anon! Piss Off - I love this site and so do many incredible women I know who read and write for this site! Including the wonderful Siany!

  31. This is a wonderfully silly argument. My favourite quote from this whole discussion is probably:

    "It really is NOT OK to act like this."

    Now, much as I accept the futility of getting into a comment-war with a troll about the exact semantics of 'OK', I would suggest that Article 19 of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights indicates that it really IS OK to act like this.

    Even if this blog was 'vapid' (which it's not) or 'sinister' (which it's CLEARLY not), that would still be 'OK'. Freedom of expression, and all that.

    What fun.


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