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Monday 27 September 2010

Mocktail Hour: Bottlegreen Soft Drinks

I've made no secret about the fact that I don't like anything that tastes of flowers. And when Bottlegreen sent me some limited edition sparkling elderflower and pomegranate presse, I fully expected to share it with Alex S instead of slurping away at it all.

But it's really really nice. Much lighter than I expected. The flavour wasn't overpowering, and it tasted like an interesting sparkling water, rather than a sugary soft drink. Now, I might have called this post 'Mocktail Hour' but I should admit to us mixing it with vodka. Ahem. Went down very well too. There isn't often a good non-alcoholic option at a party, unless your guests bring something themselves. Usually, they're left with boring mixers and fruit juice. Get in a bottle of this and they'll be happy.

Bottlegreen isn't an option that I would buy in my weekly shop, but I'd pick up a bottle from the supermarket if I was having a party (they're about £2). And I might sneak it into cocktails when no one is looking.


  1. Perfect timing. I'm booking my huge online shop for my friend's hen weekend and have been sorting out drinks for her tee-total sister.

    Alas, Asda doesn't do Bottlegreen, but it DOES do Belvoir Presse which I would also recommend as truly delish. I've also bought a load of Coppella Apple Juice as it's yum and, as I discovered as a kid, goes quite astonishingly well with Coke. Seriously. Cople. mmm....

  2. That's strange, it is sold in our local Asda...

  3. I can fully recommend it for any pregnant girls out there - it is a very pleasant change to the usual non-alcoholic offerings.

  4. Ah, perhaps in store, but online it's a distinct no!

    Am actually having kittens about what they will and won't be able to deliver. Nightmare.


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