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Thursday 16 September 2010

Beautiful bathrooms at H&M online

Yippee! H&M are now selling online, cutting out the need to navigate the crowds that flock to their stores. And yippee once again, as they've extended their Swedish chic to homewares too. Like the clothes, the stuff for your home is irresistibly affordable. And it's pretty too - something of a surprise if you were expecting stripped back Scandi-style - being all fluffy cushions and ruffled curtains.

It's their bathroom range that's really caught my eye, with some really unusual pieces. I know, bathroom stuff. It's not the kind of thing that usually makes my heart skip a beat but just check out the shower towel above for proof. I love its girlie depiction of perfume bottles, jewels and shoes. And it's only £2.99. Amazing.

The bath time fun doesn't stop there thanks to this shower curtain. From the pink nail polish to the black and white animal print on the mascara, I think this would cheer me up as I get ready to face the day. This is £12.99.

And I don't think my bathroom would be complete without a pink polka-dot bath mat. You can even get towels to match. At £12.99, I'll have saved enough money to splash out on overpriced bubble bath and a glass of champers to quaff while surveying my newly spruced up lair. Cheers H&M!


  1. I too was surprised at how girlie the collection is. Very cute though.

  2. Where can I purchase these items?


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