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Tuesday 7 September 2010

Geekery: Retro Robot Money Bank

This rather dashing black, yellow and red robot is not only a kitsch nod to old-skool sci-fi films and comics. He can help you save your pennies too. He has a slot in his head for you to insert coins, and some clever internal techno-wizardry means he can recognise each type of coin and add it all up, displaying the total on the digital panel on his stomach. So you'll never again end up scrabbling through pennies doing frantic adding-up to find out if you have enough for an emergency corner shop chocolate quest in the run-up to pay day. If there's something special you're saving up for, you can even set a target and he'll keep track of your progress and thank you for politely for every donation. He's £19.99, from I Want One of Those.

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