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Thursday 9 September 2010

Ultracomida Delicatessen, Aberystwyth

That title is quite a mouthful. Especially when you’ve got a face full of cheese. I don’t currently have a face full of cheese, but obviously wish I did. If I were to have a face full of cheese, I’d also rather like for it (the cheese, not my face) to have come from Ultracomida Delicatessen in Aberystwyth.

This deli has everything a glutton girl could ever hope for. Cheese - check, selection of delicious meats - check, booze - check and even a Restaurant! A restaurant where you can sample the goods!

Not that you’ll have to visit the restaurant to sample their delicious wares. Ultracomida is very generous with their tasters, which frankly I think is great business. If you’re an importer of French, Spanish and even Welsh food (which they are)I’m not going to know half the things you’re waxing lyrical about. So allowing, nay, encouraging customers to sample the cheese, olives or chorizo that you sell is a way to ensure that your customers get something they’re really happy with. Which, other than stuffing your face with as much sausage as you can unreasonably get away with, is the main thing.

So I say bollocks to cooking, instead simply head to Aberystwyth and gorge yourself to death on delicious, delicious treats.

Images courtesy of Bill Pearson


  1. Yeh I’ve been there, it’s an absolute treasure trove in that sea side town. The way that a delicatessen should be; compact with lots of wood shelves, men in white aprons, masses of tasters and all packed with quality.

    It was quite busy when I visited which is always a good sign.

  2. You're doing your best to make me move to Wales. And I have to say, it's working.

  3. Ultracomida is wonderful - I went to uni in Aber and whilst most of the shop's goods were beyond the student budget my Mum loved shopping there - rather that put me on the train, she'd drive all the way there to fill her car boot up with tasty things, like giant olives stuffed with garlic cloves, fig jelly, and Spanish hot chocolate. I used to buy their coffee which was sourced from a Nicaraguan co-operative - simply the best coffee I've ever found.

    The restaurant is great as well - I went for my graduation celebration! It has a set menu and is almost tapas-style - lots of small courses. And the staff are lovely.

    In short, it's a great place and thanks DS for a trip down memory lane!


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