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Monday 13 September 2010

Blackpool Bus Blinds

A lot of the vintage bus blinds I find are London-centric. And I love those. They highlight my home, and turn it into a great piece of art. But, contrary to popular belief, those who live in London don't actually think it's the centre of the world (mainly because most of us aren't actually from London in the first place).

These Blackpool bus blinds from Green & Present are fab. They're £275 so I think you'd have to really really like them to want to buy, but they've got heaps of seaside charm. I was always sad I never got to see the illuminations because all of our holidays were in Wales. I found no illuminations in Wales. Blackpool Illuminations when I was a kid seemed utterly magical. That's still true, right? Right?! Don't ruin it for me!


  1. I've bought blinds from here: and they were much more affordable and the seller is really nice and helpful. And he has signs from all over England, not just London.

  2. We've just been told that Green and Present have 20% off! Just use the code MC20

  3. I got mine from British Bus Blinds, I love it, and was reasonably priced. They were very nice from beginning to end.

  4. I have bought a few as gift from I met them at Ally Pally Fair so I knew what quality I was buying ;-)

    They are the best prices I've found and they have pretty much everything I've wanted so far.


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