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Monday 21 February 2011

The Art of Entertaining

Andrew Tanner does something very clever. He takes something simple, something that's actually all over the place, and makes it unique. He makes the ubiquitous special. Like the cut-out wall plates he did last year. He got in on the bird motif without making it look boring.

And these plates are no different. The Art of Entertaining range is printed in historical Delftware (always loved blue and white China) and they're so pretty. Simple, yes. Beautiful? Of course. They're even endorsed by the British Arts Council, and produced by Royal Stafford. These are some fancy plates indeed.

And, they're really very cool, aren't they? Want to frame the tasty things you've cooked up in the kitchen? The three piece collection of a dinner plate, side plate and bowl is £30 from Designed In England. You can buy them separately too.

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