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Monday 28 February 2011

Geography Cushions

These may not be the most expensive cushions we've ever featured, but they're certainly up there price-wise. Luckily, they're also some of the prettiest. There's a bit of a travel theme going on with our soft furnishings at the moment, and these hand-embroidered cushions are a very welcome addition. Dreaming of New York?

What about a journey through Italy?

I couldn't miss out England of course.

This Paris one might be my favourite.

There's something very Jan Constantine about these but I like the unique details on them (and I haven't seen Jan whip up a cushion with a map of Israel on it either). I love the whole Geography Collection at Box Brownie Trading and want to snap them all up. But the £95 price tag? Not so much. Still, hand embroidery takes a really really really long time.


  1. Lovely cushions - really interesting designs. Shame the England one features a massive geographical error...

  2. I want the Italy one SO MUCH- especially as they're all the proper Italian names (Napoli sounds so much nicer than Naples!) - but at that price I might as well just buy a flight to Italy!

  3. I bought some cushions that were very similar to these from a shop called Fragonard a few years back - they have branches in the Louvre in Paris and near the Opera, and in Grasse and Eze in the south of France (can you tell i go every time I'm over there?). They don't always have the range that looks like this, and I can't find any cushion covers on their website, but if you're ever away for a weekend then they're MUCH cheaper: about 35 euros last time I looked. Oh, here's a pic of one of them:

  4. Have they REALLY included Wales on the "England" cushion?


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