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Wednesday 23 February 2011

Etsy Pick: Leather Bound Book iPhone 4 Case

I’ve just joined the Modern Age and taken ownership of an iPhone 4 – hurray! Sadly, the case I bought with it is the technical equivalent of NHS specs, and not in a cool Jarvis Cocker way.

No surprise then that I want this beautiful book case from Pad and Quill's Etsy store:

SWOON! Literature + pretty + tech = what’s not to love? Now I can disguise my iPhone as a really gorgeous book. “What? Playing Plants vs Zombies? Certainly not, I’m quite obviously reading Persuasion.”

I’m particularly in love with the Moleskine-esque strap that keeps your case shut, and the bookmark (just seen under the iPhone) to make opening nice and easy as well as ooooh-ish and special.

It ships from America and works out at £36 including postage. You can also get it for your iPod, iPad, Macbook Air (and something called a Nook. Anyone? No?)


  1. I know how it sounds - but seriously, it's the most fun game ever. Handily, Gwyneth Paltrow backs me up in today's Stylist: "I play it almost as much as my kids."

  2. I LOVE Plants vs Zombies. It's my most favourite game ever and I've had to ration it, else I'd spend all my free time planting peashooters and potato mines.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous cover. Now I just need an iPhone to justify it...

  4. @Sara YES! Yes yes yes yes yes. A colleague let me play it on his iPad coming back from a meeting once and I got hooked. It actually got to the stage where I'd take myself downstairs in my lunch hour and have 50-odd minutes solid fun. So good for bus journeys too.

    @Lila No problem - they also do them for Kindles and iPods. Not, er, that I've been looking to get the whole range. No sir. God no. *runs out of cash almost instantly*

  5. I need this in my life. Except for the old school iPhone 3G, obv.


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