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Friday 11 February 2011

Bow selection: silk twill bow front shirt from Jigsaw

On the high street, I tend to neglect Jigsaw a bit. Partly it's the prices and partly it's because I associate I associate it with intimidatingly posh blonde girls who talk how they use the store to create perfect 'working wardrobes' for their seemingly jammy first jobs. My oh-too-transparent jealousy means that perhaps I've been missing out a bit. This silk twill bow front shirt is a case in point.

With its cute row of bows that prettify an otherwise classic shirt, if you did have the desire to create a 'working wardrobe' this could do a very good job. It's fun enough to stop an otherwise basic work outfit looking too boring. However, as a girl whose style is more scruffy 60s-inspired than sleek Sloane, I believe I could pull this one off too. I'm thinking nice turn-up trousers, I'm thinking a good pair of shorts, I'm thinking a swirly skirt, basically I'm thinking it's the answer to all my sartorial difficulties.

With one of my prejudices cast aside, that leaves me with the thorny issue of the price. This shirt is £98. Even though I've been gainfully employed for a number of years now, that's more than my usual budget. But, because it's Jigsaw, it's bound to be well-made and stay looking and feeling good for a long time and will probably get enough wear to justify that price tag, so I guess I'm sold. Well done Jigsaw. Just don't ever make me use the phrase 'working wardrobe' again please.

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  1. I wish there was a photo of this on a model. At the moment it looks like something I'd wear to bed...


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