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Friday 25 February 2011

Galibardy Key Ring

Ooh look, a cute sparkly key from Sluttery favourite Lisa Galibardy. Pretty, isn't it? But what on earth is it? Pendant? Brooch? Nope. It's actually the coolest ring I've seen in a while (a key ring, if you will). Take a look at it on:

So pretty. I really like double rings, and I really like key motifs. I also really really like that despite looking pricey (as all of Galibardy's stuff does), this ring is just £5. I've bought one already, and I can't see them sticking around for long.

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  1. Love it! Have just been on the website and have serious desire going on for many a thing I've seen! I couldn't see the key ring there though. And of course now it seems I can't have it, I've started to feel I MUST have it!


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