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Thursday 3 February 2011

Born lippy: pouty prints for Valentine's Day

As you may have gathered from my knitwear post, I love a good theme. And as Siany vetoed the idea of wearing a jumper covered with hearts on Valentine's Day (can't possibly think why!), I'm wondering if I can persuade her to go for one of these: some of luscious lip prints that are perfect all year round, not just for Valentine's.

I own this brolly so I can testify that its colourful print helps brighten up a dull and rainy day, even if that day doesn't involve actual kissing.  It's part of Jaeger's Boutique collection, a diffusion range pitched at slightly younger and poorer folk than the usual Jaeger costumer and with a fun 60s feel running through the collection. This is currently in the sale for £16, or you can buy a brooch that uses the same motif for the same price or even a dress for £60.

If you can remember this toaster, you'll remember Lulu Guinness is the go-to lady for perfect pouts. Thankfully that extends beyond the kitchen. How about one of these fab-lip-ous make-up bags? Sure to inspire as you put on your make-up. This is £30 from Coggles.

Rather than wearing your heart on your sleeve, how about wearing your lips on your ... er ... chest? This Illustrated People sweater is £30 from Topshop. There's something about the frosted pink of these lips that's just on the right side of teenage and it looks comfy enough to cosy on up in too.

If you are planning on getting especially emotional on the 14th Feb you'd better stock up on some of these lip print tissues for 99p from New Look. Useful for blotting lipstick too. Mwah-vellous!

And, of course, the best accessory is your own pretty pout, so pucker up, and enjoy! xx

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