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Tuesday 8 February 2011

Forgetmenot at Taylors Flowers

Last week, Taylors Flowers sent me a very very pretty bunch of flowers. Those ones you can see in the photo. I love getting flowers. It happens rarely (in fact, I think it's only ever happened once when I was in hospital). But I send them a lot. Surprise flowers make people happy.

Which is why the Taylors Forgetmenot service is a great idea. You pick three or four people you want to send flowers to throughout the year (or the same person if you're feeling generous), and pay either £99 or £129, then sit back and wait for thank you calls and kisses. You can decide if your recipient gets a surprise seasonal bunch, or make a note if they hate carnations and Taylors will do their best to send the perfect flowers. You can still have a personal message, and you won't ever forget when Mother's Day is again. Obviously in a perfect world we'd all remember to send that card on time, but sometimes we don't. Heck, sometimes I'm not even sure what the date is.

Personally I'd rather use the service to set up random bunches. A present on a Monday for no reason would make my best friend smile and you don't need a special occasion to do that. So if you find yourself feeling a little flush one month, why not spend the money making sure your favourite people get surprise smiles.

Thanks again to Taylors for the flowers. If you've got someone you want to spoil with flowers on Valentine's, make sure you order by Friday 10th February so they arrive on time.

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