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Monday 14 February 2011

Shop in the Spotlight: Sweetpea & Willow

Sweetpea & Willow is not a website to browse when what you need is practicality. Or when you've got a bank balance that frankly doesn't need yet another brutal battering. But if you're soothed by the idea of some gentle perving over all sorts of ostentatious statement pieces, you could do a lot worse.

This Mademoislle Versailles display cabinet will transform any bedroom into a beautiful boudoir, but the white and pastel pink make it feel more rustic than some other similar designs which end up on the tacky side of opulent. It's made from beechwood and is one of only five available, costing a cool £2,040.
Still feeling chic and Parisian? Then continue the French theme with this Paris Skyline cabinet, made from veneered beech and featuring a panoramic view of seedy, sleazy, romantic Montmartre. There's only four left, and it's reduced by £130 to £1,095.

Last up, I'm completely besotted by this French Petite Bookcase, although I have to say it looks far swankier when used as an ornamental display than it would with my epic collection of battered paperbacks squashed onto it!

It's hand-made and finished from distressed cherrywood, and for an extra £245 you get it in your choice of colour combination. But be warned, at £2,707, it'll easily max out that overdraft...


  1. I want the bookcase and the Paris Skyline Cabinet... But either of them would decimate the checkbook. Gorgeous!

  2. God these are lovely!! I am grateful that folk exist that can rustle up such romantic, feminine and pretty wondrousness in their imagination.


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