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Thursday 3 February 2011

A load of rubbish: wastepaper bins from The Conran Shop

I know, it's hard to get too excited about bins. And it's even harder to spend too much money on them. In a quick survey of my friends, approximately 75% of us had been using this Ikea bin for roughly the last six years. But, and perhaps this is a sign that I'm finally becoming a grown-up, I have to admit I almost got a bit excited when I saw these wastepaper baskets from The Conran Shop and may even be tempted to part with more than £1.62 for one.

There are available in four bright and appealing colours and, with their artfully arranged wire, they're a bit more interesting than your average plastic bin. And even better, they're part of the Conran Shop's Well Considered range meaning they are less pricey than you'd expect at £19.95 each. Now I just have to make sure my rubbish is pretty enough to go in one!


  1. hahaha I have that ikea bin and so does most everyone I know!

  2. It's true! When my boyfriend and I moved in together, we both arrived clutching those Ikea bins!

  3. I third that! I have it in the bedroom, leftover from my uni days (eight years ago, for shame!) and I hate it!! I'm now inspired to replace it, finally!


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