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Friday 4 February 2011

China Crush: Dupenny 50's Housewives Range

I have a bit of a thing about china and can regularly be found scouring the charity shops for old tea sets which I then lovingly display in a glass cabinet. I do find it slightly harder to find new china that hits the spot but this 50's housewives set from Domestic Sluttery favourites, Dupenny, is just perfect.

The china features the same wonderful ladies as their tea towel range, set against the perfect 50's pastel palette. The dinner plates cost £25.00 each or, if like me you would find it too hard to choose between this bevy of beauties, you can buy the full set of 4 for £100.

I particularly like the spotty side plates. Peggy is one of my very favourite housewives. I mean, who doesn't find themselves in such a predicament when hanging out the washing! The side plates coast £20 each or you can buy the full set of 4 for £80.

I also like Thelma a lot for similar comedy housework predicament reasons. The mugs cost £12 each or £48 for the full set of 4.

The only slight issue I can envisage with this wonderful range is that, like my old tea sets, I may be slightly reluctant to actually use them. But I would happily stare lovingly at them all day long.


  1. I couldn't agree less. I think these are ugly as sin and cannot believe they cost £100 for 4. YUCK.

  2. I think I agree than Diana. Dupenny just isn't doing it for me anymore. They're a little too... cartoony and childish for me. I don't think they're 'ugly as sin', but they're not doing it for me.

  3. Oh I love these! I would want the whole set to hang up in the kitchen!

  4. These are awful! Not witty or ironic enough to stop them being rather sexist either!

  5. My Mum didn't dress like that in the 50's, but she was an older Mum aged 33 when she had me which was at least 10 yrs later than was fashionable!!


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