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Thursday 3 February 2011

Sluttishly Simple: Sesame Toffee Banana Toast

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Let's celebrate Chinese New Year with some of my sesame toffee banana toast, a super simple tribute to the dessert I most look forward to tucking into whenever I visit a Chinese restaurant.

In general I am not a massive fan of the banana, in fact they are one of the few foodstuffs I really don't like. But I make an exception when it comes to banana loaf cake or toffee bananas.

If you want to fancy this up a bit use some thick sliced brioche or similar as the base and serve it with a dollop of whipped cream and some raspberries.

Sesame Toffee Banana Toast (makes two slices)

You will need:
  • 2 slices bread
  • 1 large banana, mashed
  • Sesame seeds
  • White sugar
Make it!

1. Pop the bread under the grill and lightly toast on one side.

2. Spread the mashed banana on the untoasted side of the bread and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

3. Spread an even layer of sugar to cover the banana, don't skimp if you want a nice crunchy layer of toffee. Pop it back under the grill until the sugar melts and bubbles. Be sure to keep a very close eye on the toast at this point.

4. Remove the toast from the grill and allow to cool for a minute or two until the melted sugar hardens. You can remove the crusts and cut into triangles or just tuck straight in.

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe this recipe hasn't been in my life until now... and I'm beyond furious that I can't go home RIGHT NOW to make it. It's going to be a hell of a weekend now...


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