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Thursday 10 February 2011

Mango Wood Bowls at Nkuku

Nkuku are such a fantastic website. They source eco friendly and sustainable products (that are often nothing short of beautiful). And these Bimbi Mango Bowls are next on my list.

I had no idea that after a certain age mango trees stop bearing tasty fruit, and then they can be cut down and used to create things like these bowls. The space makes way for more mango trees, the results make way for pretty bowls on my kitchen table and offers an extra form of income for the mango farmers.

If you like the bowls (they're 6 inches across), you can buy them for £9.95 each. I'd like them all actually, they look so pretty all stacked up, don't they?

PS - if you're reading this from across the pond, they've got a US site too so you can get your sustainable goodies over there too.

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