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Monday 7 February 2011

Be My Anti-Valentine: I Still Know Which Records Are Mine

What's this: a papercut picture on Domestic Sluttery that isn't made by Rob Ryan or Mr Yen? Incredible!

This anti-valentine is from owlyshadowpuppets's Etsy shop. You could send it to your ex - the one who somehow ended up with half your prized album collection while you were left with one of his old t-shirts and the final electricity bill.* You could hang it menacing over your CD racks if co-habitation is getting a little dull. Or you could do what I'm doing and give it to your man/ladyfriend as a cheeky alternative to a sappy Valentine's card with hearts and bunnies.

It's £10.20 plus £6.38 postage - not cheap, but the best passive-aggressive way to say "I bloody love you, all right?" that you'll find this year.

* not that I'm bitter.

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