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Friday 11 February 2011

China Crush: Hanna Tonke Bonnett

I mentioned yesterday that I was having a bit of a Culture Label crush. And this is why. This china from Hanna Tonke Bonnett is nothing short of swoonworthy, and it's making the rest of my (not small) teacup collection look a little bit rubbish. Everything from the rose print, the shape of the handle, oh it's just all very very sexy. I probably wouldn't share.

The cup comes in blue, green, pink and yellow. There's a white version as well, but as the saucer comes in white, no matter the colour of the cup I'd like to mix and match a little. And it's a good thing that you can sort of mix and match with one cup and saucer - they're £33 each. I can only afford to buy one set.

Still, it would serve up a fantastic cuppa.


  1. You have gone mad, way too expensive :-) Next week's challenge, stylish and cheap accessories for tea please!

  2. I never said they weren't expensive...


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