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Monday 28 February 2011

Badge Me Up: 50p Badges

How do you feel about badges? Something to be retired after our teenage years, or to be cheerfully embraced as an unobtrusive accessory declaring our love for tea or indie pop? You've probably gathered that Sluttery HQ is festooned with badges, and while I no longer want to cover my satchel with them, I do have a weakness for a cute badge on a cardigan or t-shirt. They're a casual way to signal your interests, to kickstart a conversation or just elicit a nod of recognition from a stranger on the bus.

Thank goodness that 50p Badges is around to feed my addiction. It sells - you've got it - BADGES for FIFTY PENCE. I love a shop that does what it says on the tin. Here are some of my favourite sets.

These 'Road to Ruin' ones are my faves, charting as they do the lifecycle of a Domestic Slut.

I'm a vegetarian and even I love these retro American fast food badges.

Awww. Wear your favourite love quotes on your blazer.

And finally, unashamedly proclaim your love for your favourite geek from your favourite decade. Err, as long as it's not Alan Sugar. Keep that a secret.

You can even design your own. I ordered a batch with 'Team Streatham' on for my south London friends. Go and explore - whether you're into Northern Soul, 80s politics, French actresses or anything in between, you'll find something you love.


  1. Love! I had badges covering my rucksack and blazer when I was 15 (woo, a whole decade ago - how old do I feel?) but stopped many years ago now. i do have a whole vintage tin full of them still!

  2. Excellent! I see many future stocking filler type presents coming from here. And maybe a few more for me too!

  3. They make great little presents to pop inside a birthday card.

    Tamsin: I've got a tin of old badges too! I feel even older - I've got one about supporting the miners' strike...

  4. Oh I love these. I'm going to stock up, like Sara says, ideal mini presents!

  5. Haha, the Road to Ruin ones made me laugh. Think my faves are the love quotes one. How sweet!


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