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Thursday 24 February 2011

Ticket to lounge: Travelcard cushions by Ashley Allen

If there's one thing, aside from the weather, that gets us Brits talking it's transport. I bet one of your conversations so far this morning has involved transport - be it a delayed train, an overcrowded bus or a traffic jam. Whether it's tube routes, motorways or walkways, everyone has an opinion on which route is best. So it's with great delight I present to you this travelcard cushion available (of course!) from the London Transport Museum - where travel geekery meets the comfort of your couch.

Yes, it's a cushion. And it's made to look like a giant train ticket. That is the simple reason for its being, and the reason why it's so delightful. It's made by recent graduate Ashley Allen who was inspired by her daily commute to university. You can buy the cushion screen-printed with a choice of three dates and destinations (slightly confusingly, none of the options are the one shown in the image). I'm cursing the fact I didn't spot these pre-Valentines day, as romantics could purchase the cushion made out as a ticket to either Gretna Green or Rose Grove, both with the date 14 February. Alternatively, you can get the ticket to Greenwich dated 1 Jan 00.

At £29.99, it's cheaper than my monthly travelcard and, while I may not be able to afford an upgrade on my ticket, if I buy this cushion at least my sofa is guaranteed to look first class.


  1. Yes, yes, I love and want this.

    Sadly, I was watching an old re-run of Men Behaving Badly with my boyfriend last night. When it got to a bit about how women always insist on putting cushions everywhere, boyfriend smirked and pointed at my (few! Discreet!) cushions with his eyes. No more cushions for me.

  2. My boyfriend is actually a bit of a travel geek (Valentine's trip to the Transport Museum, anyone?) so I figure he might allow me to sneak just this one extra cushion onto an admittedly already cushion-filled couch!

  3. Not sure I'd want to be reminded of my daily commute once I'm safely at home!

  4. Never mind commuting, go Hollywood!

  5. I really really like them, but having seen one in the flesh, they're actually teeny tiny. Maybe half the size of a standard cushion. Pretty, but not great for snuggling.

  6. Oh that's disappointing to hear size-wise. Although it does perhaps make it more portable - I'm tempted to take one on my daily commute and add a bit of comfort to my journey.

  7. Hello!
    Thank you for mentioning my little cushions. All the London travelcard, Brighton return and Emsworth return cushions have sold out, but should be back in stock soon!

    If there's a destination you want, but can't spot, feel free to contact me: [email protected]

    Have fun! :)


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