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Tuesday 15 February 2011

Turning your back on florals

OK, so I'm obviously not turning my back on florals completely (that would render half of my wardrobe useless). But I do want to get away from the standard floral wrap and prom dresses that I appear to be obssessed with. I'm sure they breed when I'm in the pub.

This River Island floral cardigan is so cute. I'm not much of a cardigan person but at the moment I seem to be all about interesting backs (a surprising step away from my usual cleavage display) and this cardi manages to offer that, without looking all dressy. I'd happily wear this in an office, and that's not something I say very often about things found in River Island.

I'm loving the new florals and shapes that are coming through at the moment. If you like it too, you can buy it from ASOS for £32.99. Leave a size 12 for me, ta.

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