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Monday 28 February 2011

A Head for Hats

I'm not very adventurous with hats. I like them, but you'll usually find me in a fluffy beret. I feel a bit silly in them, even if they look awesome. Hat confidence is a tricky thing. I never feel natural in a hat. I feel more 'oh look, Sian is in a hat, that's unusual' and take them off that the earliest opportunity. Unless I'm drunk, of course. And then I'll steal yours and won't give it back. It's as annoying as it sounds.

In a bid to make my head happier (not least because this sunny/windy/rainy weather is doing nothing for my hair right now), I've been on a little hat hunt. Here are my favourites.

Oh this wide-brim fedora could change my mind about hats. It's lovely. Gorgeous colour, and just £25 from ASOS.

There aren't many of this ditsy print trilby left at Accessorize. Which is understandable. It's only £18 and very cute. Tad girly for me though.

I need this striped hat. Yes I do. It's £28 from Anthropologie.

I can't wear cloche hats (they don't suit my head shape at all), but I like them. This River Island one is £19.99 and it's just one of the very pretty things they're surprising me with this season.

How do you ladies feel about hats?


  1. I love both the colour and the style of the fedora, but I don't know if I'm brave enough to wear hats. All I have is a fluffy beret too.

  2. Yep. This is why I have a massive floppy hat on my hat rack that still has the price tag on. It's been there two years.

  3. I just love hats and I have over 50 hats so keep on wearing hats

  4. If you haven't been tempted to wear your floppy hat in the snow or even in your garden, then I think hats must be a no-no for you until you get braver! Maybe I should buy the fedora and do the same test ...


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