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Tuesday 22 February 2011

Sluttery Travels: Vintage Vacations

Vintage Vacations is a wonderful little idea for UK getaways. All of the properties are located on the beautiful Isle of Wight, there are all sorts of different places to stay. I like The Shack very much:

It's good a lovely beachy theme inside. It sleeps four and prices start at £495 a week. But there is only a chemical loo, and that idea doesn't fill me with smiles. But, it's all eco and solar pannelled which is nice.

Nearby is The Mission, which was built in 1895 might not look much on the outside, but inside is a beautiful building. The bath is in the original place of the baptismal font which is very cool. It sleeps 8 and prices start at £775 a week.

Wanna stay in something a little simpler with space just for two? How about a vintage airstream? You've got 22 foot to play with, and you'll pay just £360 for a whole week. I'm not sure if the cute bear is included.

The Bungalow is my favourite. Lovely decor. This place will sleep six, and cost you as little as £375 off peak for the week.

All you have to do is choose which is your favourite, and who is going to come with you. (I'll await your invitation email.)


  1. My boyfriend and I stayed in the Shack a few years ago. It was amazing - it's beautifully decorated and it was wonderful to spend the evenings drinking wine and listening to Radio 4! It's like a different age - we even spent one afternoon flying a kite on the beach.

  2. Lovely place, and run by the loveliest people. Mrs Cheaps and I summer holiday there annually. Like old people. (

  3. Are you not old yet?

    Knew I knew someone who had been. Nice to have to Cheaps approval.

  4. I've been old for some time. Massive Cheaps endorsement.

  5. Ohhhhh I want to stay at The Shack! Looks Lovely!

  6. I want to stay in The Airstream just to sleep under the crocheted bedcover.


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