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Friday 11 February 2011

Dream Dress: Ted Baker at ASOS

It's Domestic Sluttery's 2nd birthday next month, which means one thing: PARTY! And for this party, it also means a very very special dress. Most of my dresses are Miss Selfridge or Oasis, but this year I think I want something a bit special. Unfortunately, special always seems to mean super pricey. But sometimes it's OK to spend a little more on a special occasion, right? Especially if I buy something simple, in a colour that will last for years.

Ted Baker at ASOS is killing me with pretty at the moment. A little out of my budget, but all of these dress are timeless, fancy and damn sexy.

It all started with this black maxi dress. I can't possibly covet another dress while I know this is still available in my size. It's £199 but just look at her. Look how tall she looks! The cut of this dress is amazing.

There aren't many people who can make beige look sexy. This fabulous maxi frock is in the sale and it's £124.

Whaddya know, he makes grey look sexy too. This wool dress is £119. You don't have to accessorise with a wonky head though. That's up to you.

I want them all. I can only choose one. Dammit. Which is your favourite?


  1. Question: as a small person, would a maxi dress suit me? Or will I just look like I've been playing in my mum's wardrobe?

  2. I'm not sure. I'm not the tallest person in the world, and they actually put about seven inches on (it's like magic), but I think you're going to have to try one on with the shoes you'd wear with it. Might be pleasantly surprised.

    But if you get the black one? Fisticuffs.

  3. Really? Cor. I might have to try one on. I always assumed I'd look like a 5'4" wizard in one.

  4. Gorgeous! I'm only 5'4 and find that maxi dresses make me look taller, slimmer and more imposing. The last dress would make me look bloated - hell, even the model looks like she's expecting. Nice enough, but not feeling the wrap detail.

  5. Really? In that case, I'm fighting Sian for the black one. It's so elegant and beautiful.

  6. No no, too long for you. Gerroffit.


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