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Wednesday 9 February 2011

Sluttery Travels: The Summerhouse, Shropshire

I'm actually from Shropshire, and until recently I'd never heard about The Summerhouse. Shropshire is full of little hamlets and tiny nooks and villages, and this little beauty is in Eyton-on-Severn and it's actually an Elizabethan banqueting tower dating back to 1595.

Banqueting towers like this became popular in the 16th century and the feasts were mostly desert based, possibly not too far from Heston's meat fruit idea. The dishes were intricate and meals could go on for hours.

Oooh look, it's time for a nap where do these stairs go?

Now it's a much more relaxed affair. The Summerhouse sleeps two (in a four poster bed at the top of a spiral staircase, no less) so you'll have to have mini banquets and drink all of the wine yourself. If you get bored of the bedroom, you can lounge about in the pretty garden.

Want to stay here? It's about £650 for a week via the Vivat Trust. You even get a welcome food hamper on arrival. Bit of a bargain, don't you think? I'll keep my fingers crossed that you have sunshine.

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