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Thursday 3 February 2011

Blogs we love: Design Blahg

The hilarious thunderstorm that is Design Blahg just popped into my life one day. One minute I was looking at a chair that cost thousands, the next I was giggling to myself over on Design Blahg nodding along happily. I'm very pleased about that transition, even though I'm not entirely sure what happened in the middle (they may have stolen my brains). I quote them:

"Cause true confessions: we have messy kitchen junk drawers, can't confirm the thread count on all of our sheets, more often than not we buy flowers at the bodega, and fine: though we want to buy it all, we can’t really afford ANYTHING on Cause we usually have a sense of humor, AND a point-of-view...and sometimes that point-of-view is: AYFKMWTS?"

Hell YES.

This is why I love them. Sometimes they tell me about design, sometimes they write about nail polish in weird colours, but they always, always make me laugh. They are the Facegoop of the design world, and that makes me jealous happy.


  1. I've just lost my entire lunch break to it - how fab. It's like us, if we were more sweary and American.

  2. So funny! "Here's a candle, Susan. I don't know anything about you and I'm pretty sure I'd like to keep it that way." Is pretty much exactly what would go through my head should I ever gift anyone a candle. Whether their name was susan or not.


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