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Thursday 17 February 2011

Bag Lust: Zara Leather Bowling Bag

I promised that the next bag I wrote about would not be brown. And not be a satchel. It's so easy for me to get stuck in a handbag rut. I carry my entire life with me (no my shoulders don't thank me for it), it's not practical for me to change handbags every day. So I tend to go for classic styles that go with everything. Something that will last, and look good with everything. If I want to jazz up my outfit, that's what my shoes are for.

But I need to change that. And this Zara bowling bag has caught my eye. My usual handbag is actually a mustard colour, but this one is really gorgeous. It's a stunning colour to start with, but the handles have me swooning. I don't think I've ever swooned over a handle before.

It's £99, but it's also a mix of sheepskin and cow leather so you're getting quality. And handles that you can swoon over.

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