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Monday 21 March 2011

Bake a Brick

Ever get bored of normal loaf tins? They're all the same shape and your banana cake looks like every other one ever made. Tasty, but not exactly exciting to look at, even if you put chocolate in it.

Enter, the Bake a Brick. Yep, it's a normal silicone loaf mould. It's just in the shape of a brick. Great for making cakes for those people you know who don't go in for all that fancy stuff. Some people just don't like edible glitter. I know, madness.

The Bake a Brick is just £8.99 from Firebox. All you have to do is decide what flavour bricks you want to make. And then make lots of them and create an entire wall of cake. With frosting cement.

Mmmmm cake wall.


  1. Brilliant! But why stop at a cake brick wall? Surely a cake brick HOUSE is the logical conclusion here?

  2. A house of cake! Or a cake igloo. A cake castle. A mudcake mansion.

    It's all getting a bit Hansel & Gretel now...

  3. *Jaw drops* There are people who don't like edible glitter? :o


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