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Tuesday 22 March 2011

Cute or Creepy? Redfoot Disney pumps

Now, I love Disney as much as the next girl - if the next girl is a gibbering Cinderella-loving obsessive who would love nothing more than for an army of adoring bluebirds to sort out her laundry and sew her nice frocks - but Disney shoes? For grown-ups? Isn't that a bit...well, weird?

Well, this next girl can't decide. On the one hand, sporting Disney on one's trotters past the age of five seems massively wrong, but on the other, these - Redfoot Folding Shoe's Disney collection - are actually pretty discreet as well as boringly, grown-up-ly practical. The little studs on the ones below are actually tiny Minnie Mouse heads!

Disney gold studded, £48.99, (also available in black)

At nearly fifty quid, they're a bit on the pricey side for pumps, but given they fold down to the size of your hand and come in a very cute little velvet bag and pink box, I think they'd be pretty comforting to swap your heels for come 2am. They're also designed to be comfortable, which is a nice change given that most pumps feel much as though you've only got a bit of clingfilm between you and the pavement.

Here's the Bling model (£54.99) showing off the foldy mode:
The Bling is so utterly outrageous it's probably my favourite, but it's not back in stock until the end of March. Either way, the Disney range only goes up to an L (size 7-8) so I won't have to worry. Stupid giant feet.

(Giant feet bonus: If you have size 9s/10s and quite like the look of some foldy pumps anyway, the Dita, Mischa and Camilla pumps are available in XL)


  1. Oh it started off so well! The first pair = LOVE.

    The rest? Tacky and horrid.

  2. I like them, would be fun for the school run ;-)!

  3. The gold studded ones are passable. The rest? Blee. I refuse to spend £50 on twee shoes. *grump face*

  4. Hate them and hate this whole Disney for grown ups friends. Tacky, nasty and weird. And I LOVE Disney!!!

  5. I love the idea of fold up shoes though, I have to say. Especially as I am the type of lady who always carries two pairs of shoes in her handbag when she's embarking on a night out...

  6. I too admire the idea of folding shoes, but not liking the mickey designs.

    My dislike of adults wearing disney doesn't extend to jewellery though- I am currently wearing a Disney Couture bracelet that doesn't look like disney at all, and I love it.

  7. Disney Couture is an interesting one actually. We've featured them before (the Alice in Wonderland craze last year helped with this). Some of it's too twee, but other pieces work really well.

    I guess if you look like you've raided your kid sisters wardrobe, you've gone too far.

  8. True that, raiding a child's wardrobe for inspiration is a fail *suddenly realises wore Pokemon t-shirts from 17-19 and retracts*

    I'm quite a sucker for ridiculous flats though - my bright green Irregular Choice brogues with red laces sound like eye murder but are actually gorgeous - so I would probably go for the gold or black sequinned ones with an otherwise sober outfit.

  9. Now I look at the last pair again, I'm starting to like them.

    You can be more ridiculous in flats. If these were high heels, we probably wouldn't be featuring them. You and Jane are going to bond over a love of IC.

  10. You know those clothes you buy at that certain time of month, when all taste and reason seems to leave the building? Well...


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