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Thursday 31 March 2011

L.Arden by Polly George

I didn't think Polly George's ceramics could get any better. I love the little white butterflies on her ceramics and already think they're pretty perfect. But then when I wasn't looking (I was probably watching The Model Agency and shouting at the telly), she big fat went and made it all even more glorious.

Little tiny bits of colour and print suddenly make the L.Arden range pop. The patterns are actually the work of Polly's Grandfather, Lesley Arden and she's been wanting to do something with his work for a while now.

L.Arden is the result of that collaboration. Each piece is lovely, but especially this teapot which is most definitely my favourite (I also trust that Ms. George would not approve of a dribbly spout). It's £80 though, so certainly a statement piece. Or perhaps a very special gift for Mother's day. A late one though, the pieces are all made to order.

Polly George is going to be doing some amazing things this year, and will no doubt keep taking me totally by surprise. I can't wait.


  1. That might be the world's most perfect teapot.

  2. I know. I adore everything about it. I didn't think she could improve on the butterflies range, but she did. She's a genius. I love the family history element too.


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