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Thursday 17 March 2011

Sluttery Travels: The Boathouse, Lake District

I warn you now, you're going to read this post and want to rush off to the Lake District immediately. I apologise in advance, but The Boathouse at Knotts End is one of the prettiest holiday destinations that I've ever seen.

See how pretty? Who wouldn't want to stay in such a beautiful building. Yep, it's right on the edge of a private lake. I'm in love.

The Boathouse at Knotts End has just one double bedroom. This is the ideal retreat for romantic getaways. It even comes with it's own rowing boat. I can't row, but I'll have fun bobbing about.

The house itself is beautiful. Airy, and stylishly decorated. There's boardgames with play with and DVDs in case it rains. There's even wifi (not that I'd choose to play online instead of playing on boats). There's a kitchen so you can make coffee and breakfast with what's possibly the best view in the country.

I want to drink wine on the little bedroom balcony! Unfortunately, this little piece of perfect comes at a pretty hefty price. It's £225 per at the moment, but shoots up to £350 in the summer. But, there are some mid-week options for £195 a night at Chic Retreats.

I'd need a very special reason to come here. I've already fabricated seventeen of them in my head. It's absolutely beautiful.


  1. Eeeek I have kayaked past this spot. It's stunning,and looks perfect for the hobbit-like amongst us!

  2. I looks idyllic. I want to live there.

  3. I live very close to there and even I want to stay in it. Probably can't justify it to myself so perhaps I'll go sit on the opposite jetty and just admire from a distance.

  4. I'm definitely going there. Hopefully in April. :)

  5. I stayed here in 2012. It's even better in real life. I actually cried when I pulled out of the long drive at the end of our stay as I didn't ever want to leave.


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