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Tuesday 29 March 2011

Spring Forward

The only thing people don't like about spring? The clocks jumping forward so you lose an hour's sleep at the weekend (actually, I had no idea the clocks went forward until I woke up on Sunday). But now it's Tuesday and everyone has finally got 'round to knowing what time it is (2pm).

So today my mind is on clocks (careful spell-checking). Specifically this acrylic one from Folly & Glee. I love the bamboo backing, and the chocolate brown hands are a lovely touch. There's some really beautiful preloved and vintage finds on the website, but this clock (£48) is definitely mt favourite.

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  1. Fabulous - a wonderful clock is definitely on my mental shopping list for when I move into my new house! I've been told I'm not allowed to buy one that makes a ticking noise though, by a grumpy boyfriend!


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