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Tuesday 22 March 2011

Stolen Thunder Brooches

Every so often I survey my bedside table and tell myself that I have enough brooches. I don't have the clothing space to adorn myself with any more without either looking like a modern-day Pearly Queen or falling over with the weight of them.

But then I stumble across a shop like Stolen Thunder and my resolve crumbles. Their brooches are hand-made from eco-friendly bamboo and come in two pieces linked by a chain. Each one is like a snapshot of a scene so adorable your ovaries may explode.

This young love brooch is fab, and I love that the boy is focused on the balloon while the girl appears to be staring off the other way, presumably distracted by a shiny thing or wondering when they can go home for a cup of tea.

This little boy walking his dog is very cute, but I wish the dog looked a bit happier. I worry about him. Yes, I am concerned about a bamboo dog.

My favourite is the girl flying her kite. You could adjust the length depending on how windy it was out.

Each brooch is £24. If you love the design but aren't keen on brooches, lots of them also come as necklaces. The kite one works particularly well, especially if you love super long chains.


  1. I reckon the dog has found something exciting on the ground and is having a good old investigate with his nose :o)

  2. Oh! The young love brooch is so beautiful!

    Jem xXx

  3. Cute!

    I was about to say the same thing about our little wooden dog there. He's found something really exciting on the ground that he's going to have a great dream about when he gets home. So, not unhappy at all. :)


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