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Thursday 31 March 2011

Vintage I Love Retro Posters

For me, posters conjour up images of tearing out pictures of Let Loose from Smash Hits! magazine and putting them on my wall. But now, they're interesting and cool. Only if they're framed though. Blu-Tak is not your friend.

I've got my eye on these vintage style posters from I Love Retro:

Yes, do mind your manners. The posters are all printed on a vintage press, and this bright yellow will pop on any wall.

Hang this kissing booth poster above your bed, or your favourite comfy chair.

This silver lining one is my favourite. Each print is £32.95 and you can buy them all from Brighton POD. There's only a few of each one so be quick if you want one.


  1. Love these, they just look so striking and iconic.

  2. Thank you so much for posting about these - I ordered the Kissing Booth one, it arrived yesterday (only ordered it on Monday!). It is absolutely beautiful, you can tell it's been hand made and I really think it is worth the cost.

    Tip for others who order - get it sent to work if you can as my post office are terrible for storing things and although it stated 'do not bend' it's packed in card and I think it would get damaged if I entrusted it to the Newcastle postal storage system.

    Anyway - thank you - it's going to be an anniversary present for my partner, I am sure she will love it!

    Amy x


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