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Friday 25 March 2011

Cornish Blue Ware Measuring Jug

There's a little kitchenware shop in Greenwich called Burt & Betty. Sells all sorts of cute baking stuffs (and randomly, paintbrushes and screwdrivers too). They stock a few pieces of Cornish Blue Ware, including this measuring jug.

Until recently, I had no idea just how much I could obsess over a measuring jug. It's not just that the stripes are pretty (although they are, very). There's measurements in millilitres so I can whip up all of the tasty Domestic Sluttery recipes, but also cup measurements so if I don't have to guess and hope for the best convert things I find on Bitchin' Camero and Joy the Baker.

It's £19 on the Cornish Blue Ware website. A lot to spend on a measuring jug, but I've been thinking about it for three weeks now. Imagine all the tasty things I'd bake once it was mine. Just imagine.


  1. My measuring cups were £30. You have to think if it as an investment. You use them every time you bake, and Cornish Ware lasts forever.

    I would like this in red.

  2. he he! I have the mortar and pestle, from a little shop in Balham that sounds very similar. Love Cornish Ware so much.

  3. Unfortunately, I live with a boy. This boy thinks the kitchen is the best place to practice martial arts. Some of my favourite things disagree...


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