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Monday, 28 March 2011

Marvellous Macs

The clocks have sprung forward, no one has any idea what time it is and the sun is almost shining. But not really. So it's too warm for your winter coat, but too cold to pop to the shop without one (I tried that earlier, it was STUPID). The mac is the solution. They're damn sexy too, in a kinda lady detective way.

How is this ruched shoulder mac just £35? It's gorgeous. Next have really outshone themselves here.

Oh ASOS, if ever there was proof of just how sexy a mac can be, here it is.

I've had my eye on this duck egg blue mac for a while now. I've even popped to my local JOY to try it on (looks fab, loving the asymmetric buttons). It's £69.00, though.

Not a fan of the pastels? How about this navy trench from Topshop? It's £89.99.


  1. I'm not so sure about the ASOS one - it looks like she's tucked it into her knickers. The Topshop one is very lovely though.

  2. Oh, yes. I didn't look at it like that. I think I'm still loving the first one, it taunts me when I walk past my local Next branch. I'm just not sure the colour would suit me.

  3. That taupy colour is really neutral, most people suit it, it just depends on what colours you mix it with :)

    I love the ASOS and topshop ones, already have a frilly mac that I've dug out for spring tho.

  4. The Next one also comes in bright pink. I'm awfully tempted...

  5. How did I not spot the pink one?! That'll stop me stealing Alex S' when she's not looking...

  6. Oh, I love the duck egg blue trench. Such a classic colour.

  7. Wow! That blue ASOS one is adorable.

  8. I have the duck egg blue one and it is beautiful. Just the right shape and length for the hour glass ladies. Word or two of warning though, if ordering online it will turn up very, very creased and need a fair bit of ironing before wearing, not a major deal breaker but still. Also I've just noticed that the button on the storm flap is off centre on mine so check yours over carefully before wearing it out. x


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