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Monday 21 March 2011

Etsy Pick: Little Coaster Gnome

Not much can distract me from a cocktail or a good long glass of wine at the end of a hard day, but place it on a quirky coaster and you might just be able to whip my drink right out from under my nose. My attachment to coasters is bordering on the unhealthy.

You can therefore imagine the thrill I got when I found Little Coaster Gnome on Etsy this week. Her handmade creations are some of the best I’ve found (and as you can probably imagine, I’ve looked long and hard), with an array of adorable designs, from fruit to flamingos.

I actually find it quite hard to pick favourites, but when you twin my enthusiasm for coasters with my bunting-obsession, this design certainly makes the top five. No matter what I’m drinking, this will make me feel gentle spring breezes and give me urges to skip around outside. Pretty powerful stuff.

This aeroplane design is so cute (despite the slightly random hypnotic circles) and is something even my Dad – who, like most men, doesn’t see the point of coasters – would appreciate.

Retro design? Check. Pretty lamps? Check. A rather fetching shade of mustard? Double check. What’s not to love? These lamp coasters are fab.

Eash set is $13USD but postage to the UK is, a little disappointingly, an additional $16USD, which may make this something to save for. While I wait until I have enough pennies, I shall spend my time wondering what else they could put on coasters to make me buy them. I reckon umbrellas, unicorns and toasters make my shortlist. Especially toasters. Toasters on coasters! Anyone? No? Oh.

This was a post by our trainee Domestic Slut Laura Vickers. She won't leave any water marks on the furniture.


  1. Men don't get coasters or cushions, I find. Shame about postage because these are such good value otherwise.

  2. Men rarely get cushions in their own home, but put them in a girl's house and give them a sofa? Yeah, good luck getting your cushions back. Suddenly they need all eight of them.

  3. True that, Siany! My brother is a case in point there.
    But I do agree with Sara - try and take a bloke coaster-shopping, and you don't get an overwhelming response... Sad times. :( Don't they realise how pretty AND useful they are? Especially ones with bunting on.


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